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Insurance for damages is paid to monitoring referrals for projects that have a mark: Insurance fund

The allocated amount is distributed among all monitoring referrals who are in the red. A prerequisite is to leave feedback on the refback on the blog and in the Monitoring chat before the scam is announced.

After the announcement of the scam, you must immediately write an application to in the specified format:

Nickname, password from l / k. Total replenished in the project, in total received payments in the amount, received refback. Wallet and screen of your feedback on refback. Example:
(Invested total: 500, withdrawn total: 300, refback total: 100 = 100 loss amount)

You need to take into account all your deposits, all payments, the entire refback amount, this is how the net loss is calculated

The total amount of loss of one participant is taken into account not more than 1,500 rubles ($ 20)

After receiving compensation, you must leave feedback

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