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Refback depends on the amount of the deposit

Refback is the return of the referral bonus to the investor received for his invitation.
For example, the referral bonus in the project is 10% and you made a contribution to the project $ 100,

by registering using our link we will receive a 10 $ reward.
We will give them to you + we will also give a bonus from ourselves according to the table:

Deposit amount:

1-100 $ (50-8000 rubles) - Refback 120%

Over 100 $ (8001) - Refback 100%

For repeated deposits up to $ 100 - Refback 120%

Conditions for obtaining a refback:
1. Registration using my reflink
2. After making a deposit, you must fill out the form.
Refback request is possible within 24 hours after making a deposit.
3. Leave the text screen of the received refback on the blog in the discussion of the project.

Reinvestments from LK are not paid, make a withdrawal and a new replenishment.

Terms of payment up to 24 hours

Это первый депозит в этот проект?

Submitted. Thank you!

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