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Our Business is to create an escort agency that provides such high quality services.

Our Story
In our time, it is not customary to "go out" alone. Let it be just a dinner at a restaurant or a serious business meeting. There are many situations where one man will feel uncomfortable. Finding a charming girl of the “ideal companion” format that meets the needs of a successful man is a real problem. And free time for a business person is a value constantly tending to zero and it is understandable why.

Our escort agency: Hires models, conducts constant work with them to improve the quality of the services provided, provides (if ordered and necessary) their stylist, hairdresser, make-up artist. Creates a catalog of models. Opens the company's website, which will contain advertising and prices for services. Engaged in advertising and promotion. Conducts telephone conversations and meetings with customers in an organized office, approaching each client individually, identifying the needs and wishes of the model, helping to choose the most suitable option. Escort agency services are not the same as prostitution - this is a fairly secular business for people who have reached a certain level and already have a scale of values ​​that extends further than a good suit, car, house.

Investments in escort service are included in the top 5 profitable sectors in the world !!! Due to the fact that demand is high, and this is directly confirmed by research and indirectly by the huge popularity of dating sites, and the niche is free - the risk of your investment in the project is minimal. Poor results are only possible with incorrect marketing, insufficient awareness of potential customers, or poor quality services. Avoiding this is our personal participation and strict, timely control of all processes, advertising, urgent solution of emerging problems and work with personnel.

Старт проекта: 21.11.20

Инвестиционные планы:

1%-1.2% каждый час, депозит на 120 часов..


Минимальный вклад: 1$

Максимальный вклад: 5000$

Реферальная программа: 5-3%

Платежые системы: Payeer, Криптовалюты

Выплаты: инстант (моментально по запросу)

Присутствует Телеграмм чат

Как участвовать?

Пройти регистрацию, сделать пополнение и открыть депозит. Выводить можно каждый час, чем чаще чем лучше. По реферальной ссылке можно приглашать новых участников и получать вознаграждение 5% от суммы пополнения приглашенного 1го уровня и 3% от 2го уровня. Запросы на вывод обрабатываются моментально.


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