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Обновлено: май 16

Старт проекта: 10.03.21

Welcome to the elite GRANDINVEST CLUB.

Become a part of our club and start getting a steady income from your investments. Our club has existed for many years and we have a large number of companies around the world.

By investing in our club, you become our family. By purchasing a membership with a higher status, we will offer you more favorable investment conditions.

Инвестиционные планы:

0.8% в сутки на 3 дня. 10-100$

4% в сутки на 30 дней. 10-200$

3% в сутки на 50 дней. 50-500$

2% в сутки на 100 дней. 100-1000$


Реф-программа: 1%

Платежные системы: Perfect Money

Выплаты: ручные до 48 часов