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Обновлено: апр. 21

Старт проекта: 01.04.21

GOLDENAGE CLUB specialists have created software that allows all trading operations to be carried out automatically. This software contributes to the diversification of the client’s digital assets and the receipt of projected income on an ongoing basis. GOLDENAGE CLUB employs exclusively highly qualified specialists in entirely different areas: IT, trading, analytics.
The quintessence of knowledge, a large amount of experience, and competent money management allow you to achieve all the tasks set while minimizing risks. Strict adherence to financial stability standards, competent capital management, and our clients’ protection are the fundamental principles of GOLDENAGE CLUB policy. With the aim of long-term cooperation, we have created a platform that allows us to increase our investors’ income. Using GOLDENAGE CLUB service will allow you to increase your income by 0.4% of the amount invested every day for 200 days.
We also want to draw your attention to the GLC decentralized defi tokens created by us, temporarily distributed among our investors. The future, their use will become possible in the company’s products. GOLDENAGE (GLC) is decentralized crypto currency, which was created to work all over the world without a central authority and banks. DEFI GOLDENAGE (GLC) – Passive staking: The increase in the number of GOLDENAGE  tokens in your wallet leads to their multiplication. Each transaction will be subject to a 5% redistribution fee tax. Staking tokens is easy to learn:  you need to hold them in