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Bringing together experienced, knowledgeable and highly professional market analysts under the same roof, BullTrade Limited trades currency pairs, commodities and Cryptocurrencies.
As a result of careful planning and collaborative work, BullTrade Limited, a reliable long-term investment project that offers a professional approach and security as well as stable long-term gains, were put into practice.
We work for long-term capital growth and capital retention. Our long-term strategy ensures that our goals are committed to ensuring consistent performance, thus warranting the protection and growth of investor's capital.
The decisions we make based on our research are the main factors that determine our success. The disciplined implementation of our investment strategy has made a great contribution to our successful performances. Our investment strategy, combined with our portfolio creation methods, gives us a performance advantage.
Our trading model is based on price movements and effective money management strategies. Every trade transaction made by our team is the result of extensive technical and fundamental analysis. We monitor the financial markets 24 hours a day to find the best trade opportunities available and to gain stable profits for our valued customers.

Инвестиционные планы:

104% через 12 часов. От 1 - 12$

110% через 24 часа. От 1 - 24$

115% через 36 часов. От 1 - 36$

125% через 48 часов. От 1 - 48$

150% через 72 часа. От 1 - 100$

180% через 120 часов. От 1 - 1000$


Реф-программа: 7-3-1%

Платежные системы: Perfect Money, Tron

Выплаты: инстант

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