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This article is for those who have decided to make their first investment in Hype. Which tactics should you prefer? We decided to describe the most common strategies.

1. Aggressive high risk strategy

Here are the main characteristics of such tactics:

- the client makes a solid deposit, which assumes a long term and does not provide an opportunity to withdraw funds;
- money is invested without first collecting information about the project, about the period of its existence, about the responses of investors;

- all available funds are invested in one project.

When choosing such a strategy, you must be aware of the fact that there is a high probability of "going bust".

2. Balanced strategy

It assumes the following actions:

- the contributor collects information about the project (there are monitoring sites or specialized forums for this);
- the client diversifies risks - that is, he divides his capital into several HYIPs that have different program conditions and differ in duration;
- funds are periodically withdrawn to check the performance of the project. Also, cash-out will allow you to reinvest funds in more interesting HYIPs.

3. Cautious strategy

Here the risk is the smallest. The investor must:

- carefully check the HYIP project: contact information, WHOIS, communicate with the administration, collect as much information about the project as possible, analyze the risks;
- first check the system performance using minimum contributions. You can gradually increase the amount if the system seems reliable to you;
- keep in touch with other investors, share experiences, read thematic materials about investing.

4. Chaotic strategy

This can be called a strategy at a stretch. The client invests funds, guided by a "chuyka", or "is led" on the first HYIP that comes across. Naturally, such "investing" leads to a loss of money, but sometimes there are sharp jumps (which is due solely to luck). Randomness is initially the wrong investment strategy. Money must be taken seriously and responsibly.

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