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In this article, we will consider the main signs of the imminent closure of HYIPs. After studying this article, you will be able to determine when the investment project will have problems and withdraw your money on time.

So, let's begin. Signs of the imminent closure of the HYIP are quite easy to recognize. I must warn you, none of the following signs can definitely mean an absolute, 100% scam. And, nevertheless, it is the signs, in most cases, that lead to the scam of the investment program:

The first sign is the request of the administrator of the investment project to leave positive votes on the "success" monitors. This may indicate the unreliability of the HYIP and its attempts to use your votes as bait for new investors.

The second feature is "multi-tone" news and project notifications about a number of innovations, successful thematic conferences and the imminent improvement of the project site. Remember that a solvent HYIP, as a rule, is characterized by stability and maximum simplicity in the publication of its statements, doing this periodically and only on very important occasions.

The third sign can be attributed to the onset of delays in payments, or even a refusal to pay some payments.

The fourth symptom is the occurrence of temporary problems with access to the project site.

The fifth feature is the transition from instant payments to manual payments - this fact does indicate that the project has VERY serious problems and you most likely will not receive your "hard earned" money.

The sixth sign can be attributed to the statements of administrators about the temporary transfer of the site for maintenance, DDoS attacks ... Very often, HYIP administrators hide behind such statements in order to gain some time and free themselves from payments, at the same time recruiting new victims. If additional funds are received to the project account in the required amount, the HYIP comes back to life. Otherwise, the project ends its existence. An exception is the situation when a DDoS attack actually takes place and the admin must take some time before he can restore the previous course of work.

The seventh feature is the emergence of new investment plans for the project, promising super-profits in a short period of time.

The eighth sign can be attributed to interruptions in the work of the HYIP support service - if you are ignored, do not doubt the project will soon come to an end.

The ninth feature is a hastily compiled site design. Most often, cheap designs don't last long.

So, I hope that after reading this article you have become more savvy in investing in HYIPs and based on the data described above you can easily recognize a scam and withdraw your money in time.

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